great white sharks great white sharks great white sharks
great white sharks great white sharksgreat white sharksgreat white sharks great white sharks

Great White Shark Diving

Over the last few years, hundreds of divers have shot pictures and videos of these magnificent sharks from the Solmar V at Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

The island, just 165 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico, is now considered one of the world's best destinations to view, photograph, or video great whites consistently.

Since 2005, our partners, Great White Adventures, have brought their unique shark diving cages and expert knowledge of these magnificent ocean dwellers to the Solmar V for the months of August, September, and October.

This year, we will host 15 different 5-Day Great White Shark Cage Diving Trips, running from Aug. 2 to Oct. 17th.  Visibility is typically very clear and water temp is 65 -70 F. These trips are all "Limited Load " with only 16 passengers (normal Solmar V trips are 22) to ensure plenty of cage time and a quality experience.

We operate 2 four-man cages using a proprietary swivel system which hooks to our swim platform, making it very easy and safe to get in and out of the cages even in rough weather. Having only 16 passengers and the two main cages we are able to rotate 8 passengers in and out every hour all day long!

Meanwhile, we also operate a 2-man submersible cage offering 20 minute "rides" to a safe 30-40 ft depth where one guest is escorted by one of our shark experts while having surface communication to our dive deck the whole time they are down. We pioneered this submersible cage system at Guadalupe 3 years ago.

We feel that minimizing the total number of people and cages increases the quality of the experience. We have thought about adding more cages and people but decided we did not want a "circus" feel when meeting the apex predator of the sea in their environment.

Please note that you DO NOT NEED TO BE A CERTIFIED SCUBA DIVER to enjoy this trip.

The 2 main cages are right on the surface and and use a "Hookah" system so are available to all guests - divers and non-divers alike. This is the perfect trip to bring your non-diving family or friends who want to experience meeting the apex predator in a safe environment. We do require certification for the submersible cage.

Besides the "limited load" that distinguishes us from other operators, we also offer Geronimo's famous "panga rides ". Geronimo is our onboard amateur naturalist who truly enjoys giving our guests rides around the island showing them the different seal populations, birds, and other creatures unique to this area. He does this at all our destinations and after 12 years onboard has quite a following. Onboard email and sat phone service also available at an additional cost.

Plus, no long international plane rides as you fly in and out of San Diego, CA, and will be personally escorted, as a group, in a luxury motor coach to and from the boat at the Ensenada Marina. The drive is very safe and scenic along the rugged baja coastline.

The shark encounters are extraordinary, and virtually every diver that's ever joined us has come back with exceptional pics and video.

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great white sharks great white sharks great white sharks great white sharks great white sharks
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